Meal Replacement & Vitamins: Shakeology vs. Athletic Greens

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Nutrition, Supplements

Athletic Greens


This magic powder replaces your multi-vitamin & mineral supplement, among other things.  The taste is ok, not really bad but not great either.  It first is fruity, almost berry like but the finish is close to what a fine grass would taste like.  Go ahead, the next time you mow the lawn give it a try (kidding). Honestly, do not let it discourage you as this is a great product for its’ nutritional value.  This product comes only in one flavor.  It may just be me, but I also burp it up a bit after I drink it.  It is not really that bad, but it does happen.


In addition to vitamins and minerals, Athletic Greens gives you Antioxidants, Pre and Pro Biotics and Digestive Enzymes to promote optimum health.
To see full ingredient and contents, visit their web site.


This product has to be refrigerated after opening.

$how me the money

Initially a month supply costs $87 but they say this is an introductory price and it will go up to $149.95 plus shipping.

You can purchase this product at the Athletic Greens web site.


This description is for the purposes of comparing Shakeology and Athletic Greens.  Visit my Shakeology page to read a full description of the product, watch videos, purchase and more!


This shake will change the way you think above health drinks.  It will provide for your daily vitamins and minerals, increase your health and help you lose weight.  This product comes in two flavors: Chocoloate & Greenberry.

Greenberry has a close resemblance of Athletic Greens but tastes better because there is no grass taste.  It starts off sweet but not as sweet as AG which tastes like juice at first, then starts to have a after taste but does not end up finishing with one like AG does.  I can see why some do not like this as it does not taste like a milk shake, but it does taste similar if not better to many other protein drinks out there.  For those not used to drinking these sort of health drinks, this may be your least favorite between Greenberry and Chocolate.

Chocoloate –  Most people actually really enjoy this and consider it like some sort of dessert shake.  I am not sure if I like that analogy because this is a health food and a meal replacer, not a dessert.  It has a very good chocolate taste, not like a candy bar but more like hot chocolate but not hot.  There is also a pleasant cocoa aroma too.


In addition to vitamins and minerals, Shakeology has protein which is why it can be a meal replacement or protein supplement.  Also, there is chlorophylls, polyphenols, prebiotics, and proanthocyanins for optimum health, digestion and weight loss.


This product does NOT have to be refrigerated after opening.

$how me the money

You can only purchase this product form an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.  If this article helped you, buy from my Shakeology store.  There are three costs:

  1. The regular every day cost is $119.95
  2. Club Member cost is $107.95……..Want to know about joining the Club?
  3. Independent Team Beachbody Coach $89.95……..Want to know more about becoming a Coach?
Send me an email if you have questions.  If you are ready to save and enjoy Shakeology.  Join my team as a Coach yourself.
Final Comparison….Quick and Easy


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